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Constructive Visual

Founded in May 2005, Constructive Visual is a website design & hosting company that creates rich, elegant, high quality websites and web hosting services with remarkable talent, raw enthusiasm and unwavering dedication with every production we work on.

We ensure that the HTML, PHP and other programming languages required both power your website to load fast, support current web standards, and with the correct mark-up that helps with your search engine rankings.

We are building a company that we'd like to do business with ourselves. Our focus is based on customer service, support and outstanding customer experiences. You can be rest assured that you will not find anyone with more passionate about the overall quality of work than the Constructive Visual team.

Our Goal

Our achievable short-term goal is to become one of Australia's leading website development firms through leading innovation and creativity.

Our long-term goal is to expand our services into other areas, and to obtain innovative staff that inspire a productive workflow.


We are truly passionate about developing great quality work. We are continuously keeping up-to-date with the latest industry developments, we socialise with key industry leaders with partnerships with companies within our industry and we attend the latest technology functions to improve our knowledge of the software and hardware that we use.


We like to work together with our customers to provide outstanding results. Our services extend outside of Australia and we have worked with freelancers, web developers, designers, programmers, ad agencies, business men & women, family and friends.

We have been lucky to work with clients and web developers from all around the world, we've designed artwork and programmed with clients from America, Canada, Japan, England and New Zealand.

Friendly Service with a Smile!

Feel free to contact Contructive Visual for a free quotation on any web design, we're happy to answer any questions like:

"I need a basic website. Simple and appealing to my clientele that I don't need to constantly update."
"I want to sell my products online, can you take me through the process of getting my business online?"
"I need a website that has a simple easy to use Content Management System so I can log in and make changes myself!"

Why Constructive Visual

We know our programming and industry very well and work alongside our clients to provide great quality work.


Peter Lowen
Peter Lowen
Web Developer - Owner

Peter Lowen

Lead Website Developer & Owner of Constructive Visual Since 2005.

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Jodie Lowen
Jodie Lowen
BD & Marketing Manager

Jodie Lowen

Business Development & Marketing Manager From 2018.

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