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As you may have already noticed your Facebook post audience on your business page have declined in the past weeks. Your post on your business page won't reach your entire audience every time. The best way to have your post show in the news feed of your audience is to publish quality post of things you think that your fans will like, share with their friends and comment on. Facebook has 1.65 billion users, it continues to be essential for businesses to have a presence on the platform.

A study by Social Ogilvy has revealed that the Facebook reach, on average had dropped to a mere 6%. (For every 100 fans you have on your business page, only 6 of them are going to see your post.




According to Facebook's recent algorithm, page posts that are overly promotional will get less priority in the news feed. The new algorithm prioritizes friends, family and other core values when it determines what shows up first in a user's news feed. After Facebook processes family and friends as top priority on user's news feed, Facebook will preference post that "inform" and "entertain" fans. The core values include posts that embody "authentic communication" which involves you creating posts that are share-worthy and provide value to others.

For a small business with little to none advertising budget, these recent changes may make you feel like giving up all hope, like there is no absolutely no way to reach out to your fans without having to empty your wallet to Facebook advertising but I'm here to tell you there is still a way to advertise your business and to do this you may need to change your current Facebook Marketing Strategy, to rethink your approach and to implement new tactics that meet the recommended values the new Facebook algorithm adopts.

The tips below will help you get out into the news feed of all your fans:

(10) Create Compelling Sharable Content

  1. Videos
    Find videos related to your industry and share them on your Facebook wall. The best videos provide information or teach your loyal fans something new that is going to provide value to them. Videos rank highly on Facebook's new algorithm.
    The best sources of videos can be found on:
  2. Pictures
    The old saying "Pictures speak 1000 words" is also true on Facebook. When your Facebook fans are scrolling through their busy wall with all of their friends and family posts and of course the occasional business post. You want your post to stand out from the crowd.
    Pictures that provide bold bright colours will attract your fans attention. You should also look at using authentic images and look at using your own pictures over stock images to personalize and build your business brand.
    Alternatively you can utilizing using free stock images that carry the "Creative Commons License", allowing you to publicly display images that can be used for commercial use.
    Some great websites that you can get images from are:
    Flickr (searching via the Creative Commons License)
  3. Testimonials
    If you have customer testimonials then Facebook is a great place to showcase your testimonials to show your fans how great your products and/or services are. There is also a reviews tab within Facebook that you can encourage your fans on your business page to go over and enter some reviews.
  4. Researching Facts and Figures
    Let your fans know fact and figures within your industry shows that you have a clear understanding of your field and your expertise. These facts and figures can be used within your posts to help promote your products and/or services.

(9) Be Attentive of Overly Promotional Facebook Posts

Since the roll out of the Facebook's new update if your posts are overly promotional and include information in the post that is too "salesy" isn't going to get as much reach and engagement and visibility in the news feed.

According to Facebook there are some examples you should avoid;

  1. Post that solely push people to buy a product or install an app.
  2. Post that push people to enter promotions and sweepstakes with no real context.
  3. Posts that reuse the exact same content from ads.

So your properly thinking how are you going to post calls-to-action, promotions, & product content without sounding too salesy?

  1. Advantage of your Product/Service
    Instead of posting photo after photo of your products  you can take advantage of showcasing your products in real world events to show how your products can be used.A video can also help promote how to use your products.
    This won't seem overly promotional and might entice people to purchase from you.
  2. Get them wanting more
    Post some upcoming product or service that you will be offering soon. The anticipation always makes them wanting to know more.
    Delicately tease your fans into sticking around for big announcements. Showcase samples, photos, videos and launch dates to keep your fans engaged.
  3. Behind the scenes look
    Taking photos of your inner workings of your business goes a long way towards humanizing your company and making people to want to purchase from you. Many companies are doing this on Facebook already and this is a fantastic way of showing your fans all of the effort that goes on behind your new product and most importantly getting them wanting more.
  4. Provide value
    Knowing how your products and/or services can help others & improve their lives will help with your overall sales. Look at a product and/or service that you have to offer and outline the benefits to your fans if they were to have it!If you are selling a television, show them another product like a surround sound system that will improve the overall sound performance within the customers house and the correct layout of setup an ideal home theater room.If you are selling health remedies you can explain what each one does, outline the health benefits from taking this health remedy. Be sure to include how the customer will feel after taking the remedy and show the facts behind it. Finish up with a product to help store the items or something that can further or help inform your customers.
  5. Share Customer Testimonials
    The best way of building trust and credibility online is with posting customer testimonials.
    Be sure to ask as many of your clients for testimonials. Let them know you'll feature them on your websites and/or social media pages and also ask them if you can post a photo with the testimonial. Having an image gives your Facebook page a human side of your business and a face that customers can relate with.
  6. Comments For Website Links
    Don't place links to your website in the post text as Facebook will see your post as being too salesy and pushy. You should include them in the comments section instead. This will meet the requirement for the new Facebook update. Also it sparks people's curiosity to find out who has commented on your post.You should also provide more than just a link to your website when posting your comment. Try to provide more information about the post or further value that you can give to your fans.

(8) Sharing Expertise, Hints, Tips and Tutorials

Sharing your expertise about your field, products and industry knowledge can be one of the best ways to create valuable content on Facebook. Sharing your expertise will benefit you and your business in a variety of ways, To begin with it may seem counter-intuitive at first because your giving away information for free. However, this is further from the truth. Sharing your expertise will establish you as an expert and authority in your field.

Providing quality informative information will help grow your community of fans and your credibility, create trust and loyalty with your customers, and position yourself as a leader in your industry and get user engagement. It doesn't mean they have the time, effort, know-how, or tools to produce the same product and/or services that you have to offer and when they need these products and services, you will be the first person on their mind to call you.

Posting high-quality content you are more likely to get your fans to share the post with their own social network where all of their friends will see your post. Maybe a couple of their friends will share the post as well and like your Facebook page which is a great way of increasing word of mouth about your business.

Solve A Problem
(7) Solve a Problem

The main reason people go online is to search for the solution to some kind of problem or to figure something out.
When you provide something of value that is useful for your fans you are likely to brightened up someone's day and helped them with a real-life issue.

Once you have define your target audience within your niche and determine their potential problems your able to target what quality content you can post on your page. When you think about this from a customers prospective, you're probably not going to spend  too much time on a Facebook page or website blog that is pushing a product and promoting about how great they are as appose to solving a problem for your fans in some way - a Facebook page or website that is really useful to you - you'd be likely to visit more content on the page, or visit it again in the future.

(6) Telling Stories

Sharing your stories is a fundamental way to both personalize your brand and also get to know your fans. It can be a great way of keeping people's attention and help promote your products and services in a positive light.

Some sample stories to share with your fans are;

  • The history of your company and where and how did it start?
  • The different changes that have appeared throughout your industry and how your business has adopted those changes?
  • What funny and interesting things have happened on a typical workday?
  • Who are your employees and their stories?
  • Does your company participate in charity events or community events?
  • Do you have a great story about helping a customer?

Also invite your fans to share their stories on your Facebook page. Some companies recognize their most loyal customers by sharing their stories in "Fan of the week/month" or offering competitions or prizes for "The best story from a customer."

Answering Questions
(5) Answering Questions

Research the questions that your fans are wanting to know.

  1. What keeps them up at night?
  2. What product and/or service can help benefit them?
  3. What goal(s) are they looking to achieve?
  4. What's stopping them from achieving their goal(s)?
  5. How can you show value to them?

Encourage and engage your Facebook fans to ask questions. The more questions you gather from your audience the more you can target specific products and/or services to your fans and write compelling post titles to win over your fans.

(4) Sparking Discussions

  • How do you grasp your audience's attention?
  • What gets people talking?
  • What is the best way to start a conversation?

The first way to start a great conversation is by asking an intriguing question. Brainstorm a list of questions and forget about the right and wrong answers just generate a list of topics related to your business to talk about. Sharing breaking news that is related to your industry is a great way to begin a conversation.
Don't be afraid to to experiment at times or go slightly off topic but make sure you provide value to your fans!

Funny Images
(3) Funny Images

Everybody likes to laugh. Humor can make you stand out from your competitors and make your business have some personality and charm.
Use popular memes and keep up with popular online fads to engage your fans.
Some great resources to find funny images are below;

(2) Don't Be Too Spammy

When Facebook detects you of being to salesy you will get less organic reach to your fans. You need to learn how to understand your audience. This translates to listening carefully to how they converse on their Facebook page, what are their interests, their trends and listen for any pain points.

  1. Be Authentic
  2. Be Honest
  3. Be Transparent
  4. Be Consistent
  5. Be Engaging and Inspiring
  6. Be Approachable and Heartwarming
  7. Prioritize Your Customer Comes First
  8. Don't Over Promote. Build Relationships
  9. Learn What Gets The Most Fan Engagement
  10. Create a Social Media Calendar and Stick To It!

(1) Make Your Facebook Page Look Professional

Here a 5 tips to help boost your Facebook Page to look more professional.

  1. Your Profile Picture should show an image that is related to your business that a user can quickly identify the industry, business and your brand.
  2. Change your Cover to show an image that is related to your business and include a call-to-action to make people click on it.
    facebook cover
  3. Provide Website Links on the cover photo that give more information and links to your website.
  4. Add at least 3 Services to your page to let fans know what your business has to offer.
  5. Add a Learn More button to link to your website.
    learn more
  6. Add a video to your page to promote your video and/or services.
    Facebook Video


Keep providing value to your fans and don't let your business get left behind.

  • Post with hashtags receive less engagement than those without.


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