Wordpress Themes


Constructive Visual designs multi-purpose, responsive and clean Wordpress themes for Blog, Portfolio and/or Company Websites. Our Themes are fully responsive and offer your visitors a great user experience!



Our themes can be purchased on the "CVThemes" website.

Constructive Visual creates clean & professional templates that allow our clients to focus on content by making them appealing, yet easy to customise.
Our main focus when developing each theme is quality, not quantity.
We design our themes using the latest Wordpress standards and carefully taking our time to refine every last detail and ensure every release is ready to be launched.


All of our themes include:

Responsive Wordpress Themes

Responsive Design

All our premium themes are responsive out of the box, built from scratch to adapt to any screen size.

Wordpress Theme Customisation

Theme Customisation

Our themes are built with customisation in mind so you can easily modify them, creating your own original design.

SEO Optimisation

SEO Optimised

We take into account the careful placement of all HTML elements into a theme, optimizing right from the start.

Browser Compatibility

Browser Compatible

All themes are carefully designed to work seamlessly in Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

Wordpress Theme Updates

Theme Updates

We continue updates to all of our themes, releasing new features and fixes regularly.

Extensive Theme Support

Extensive Support

We provide detailed documentation for our themes so you can learn how to get the most out of them in no time.

Theme Customisation

We like to give our customers complete control over as many useful features in our themes as possible, thus allowing our clients the freedom of making changes to their theme directly within the admin section of Wordpress.

Frontpage Settings

Features on the frontpage can be enable or disabled, text and images can be included and options for Google Analytics can be easily added.

General Settings

You can add images to your slideshow, include text to a marketing slogan.

SEO Settings

Include Search Engine Optimisation to your theme.

Social Settings

Add your social network links to your theme and the icons will automatically appear in your theme.

Footer Settings

Control the display of CVThemes logo and include your footer copyright text.

Other features we like to include in our themes are:

Customise Theme

Our themes are well documented and can be easily customised by any developer/user. If you're not so programming savvy, hire a Constructive Visual theme developer to help modify your Constructive Visual theme.

Child Themes

Like a theme from another developer and would like us to customise the design for you? Hire Constructive Visual to develop your dream Wordpress theme into reality.


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